About the PRTA

The Pinal Regional Transportation Authority developed a Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) that was taken to the voters in a November 2017 Special Election. The voters of Pinal County approved both the RTP and a 20-year half-cent sales tax to fund the transportation improvements contained in the plan. However, the structure of the tax was challenged in a 2018 lawsuit and ruled invalid by the Arizona Supreme Court in March 2022, so implementation of the Plan has not yet begun.

The Pinal RTA 2022 Funding Plan will allocate funds to: regional roadway and parkway improvements, public transportation including transit, dial-a-ride service and park-and-ride lots, local roadway improvement projects and administrative costs.

The Regional Transportation Plan

The RTP includes 13 named roadway projects, allocations for local road projects in four communities, and $34 million for its Public Transportation Element, including transit existing operations, dial-a-ride services and park-and-ride lots. This plan also includes funds for PRTA administration, accounting for about one percent of the total program costs. Over 90 percent of the total revenues would go to the 13 named roadway projects.

The 13 named projects approved by the voters, grouped by scheduled five-year phases over 20 years, are listed below. Some of the roadway projects are more than 20 miles long and their implementation will continue through multiple schedule phases.

Phase 1

  • North-South Corridor right-of-way preservation, Kortsen/Kleck Road alignment south to I-10
  • Thornton Road, State Route 84 to Interstate 8
  • Peters Road, Burris Road to Thornton Road
  • East-West Corridor, SR 347 in Maricopa to I-10 in Casa Grande
  • Cordones Road, Catalina Hills Drive to Coyote Trail (Saddlebrooke)
  • State Route 347, City of Maricopa northern limits to Maricopa County Line

Phase 2

  • I-10 Traffic Interchange at Kortsen/Kleck Roads
  • Kortsen/Kleck Roads, Henness Road to future North-South Corridor
  • State Route 24, Ironwood Drive to future North-South Corridor
  • North-South Corridor, US 60 to Kortsen/Kleck Roads alignment
  • West Pinal Freeway right-of way preservation, Maricopa County line to Interstate 8

Phase 3

  • Montgomery Road, Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway to East-West Corridor

Phase 4

  • Selma Highway, Thornton Road to North-South Corridor

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Pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.02. Public Notice is hereby given that all Pinal Regional Transportation Authority Board Meeting Notices shall be posted in a kiosk located outside the front entrance of the Pinal County 1891 Historic Courthouse located at 135 N. Pinal Street, Florence, AZ 85132, the county’s website under the Required Postings section, and the PRTA website under Board & Committees. All Meeting Agendas are inclusive of the Meeting Notice of Posting which indicates the date, time, and place of said meetings.